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About Us

To create a beautiful piece of furniture, it must be treated as one of a kind masterpiece. The piece ought to have its own unique personality, ought to be carefully detailed where every curves and every strokes matter. Ultimate comfort, charming look, and high durability are the primary ingredients to a furniture piece of timeless elegance.

Our showroom

Our showroom


Charming. Timeless. Elegant.

We have been designing and crafting furniture for various types of clientelle, working together in collaboration with architects and designers. We will update our website periodically to showcase our latest collection. If you would like to discuss on furniture items, pricing, and custom design queries, please contact us by phone or email, and you are more than welcome to email us your drawings and specifications for price quotes. Thank you and happy visiting!














SALE UP TO 70% on our high quality antique pieces made for your luxurious home.

Grab the best deal now as our furniture pieces are not mass production but each is delicately handcrafted and manufactured exclusively for you.



  • Saya sudah pernah berbelanja di Conrad 2 tahun lalu. Waktu itu saya beli furniture untuk ruang keluarga dan sampai sekarang saya masih pakai dan kondisinya masih oke, makanya saya balik ke Conrad mau desain furniture custom karena katanya bisa custom. Proses bikinnya memang agak lama karena handmade tapi saya puas dengan hasilnya. Kualitas masih tetap bagus dan harga masih bisa terjangkau. Thanks Conrad untuk service yang selalu oke.


    D Tio

  • Furniture di CONRAD saya suka sekali. Bentuknya bagus, very tasteful dan sangat elegant. Saya suka custom furniture-nya juga.



  • Furniture di Conrad harga cukup ok dengan kualitas yang sangat baik. Dengan desain klasik dan finishing american finish yang cukup memuaskan buat saya.